Sherry Lou Mills, ODYSSEY

The crush bound admired the scoring organ.

Shift would render details of carve fettle, but stretch could mystify muted escape.

As shadow present might confine terror obscure, sustaining gorge field could emerge and abandon figure brook.

Aloud, softly, “Source … Reveal…” pierced the shining.

Sherry Lou Mills is an award-winning writer and retired filmmaker who now designs and makes jewelry; creates mixed media, acrylic, and fabric art; and rescues and repurposes “junque”, vintage clothing, and costume jewelry. She was Executive Director of non-profit organization REEL WOMEN and produced and hosted the radio show “Ready for My Closeup, Ms. Mills!” in Austin, Texas, before relocating back to Dallas five years ago after living in Mexico, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Houston, and Austin the previous 30 years. She is married to David Holt, and they have both had both knees replaced.

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