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Each new post will present a selected writer with connections to the North Texas area, including special interviews. We are grateful to live and work in a region full of energy, talent, and artistic collaboration, and proud to be a part of that community. Read more now.
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The Common Language Project

This year, we invite you into ritual. What repetitions anchor you into the day? What sacred rites mark your milestones? A candle lit, a coin tossed, a sacrifice to assuage the enraged elements; grand or granular, our lives are framed in ritual. Share with us the secrets of your everyday, map the pilgrimage you’re planning to take, bring us into the sacred space and perform your wonders.

The Common Language will be revealed March 1st.

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The Writer’s Garret is dedicated to bringing readers, writers, and communities together under one roof and providing a safe refuge to explore new ideas, study old ones, and to create, create, create!

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Fostering this dedication, The Writer’s Garret partners with community organizations of all types to serve children of every background and life experience by offering specific programs, workshops and courses for kids.

Writings from Turn A Phrase

Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards is a native Texan. He toured with the Dallas Slam Team, placing second overall in the ...
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Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt grew up in St. Louis, lived in NYC, LA, the Mississippi Coast, and other various ports of ...
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John Dorsey

John Dorsey lived for several years in Toledo, Ohio. He is the author of several collections of poetry, ...
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