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Each new post will present a selected writer with connections to the North Texas area, including special interviews. We are grateful to live and work in a region full of energy, talent, and artistic collaboration, and proud to be a part of that community. Read more now.
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The Common Language Project

This year we invite you into the liminal space of passages– of time, of space, of thought. What shadowy corridors have you entered or emerged from? Which voyage in your life’s journey brought you into a new age? How have you arrived where you are, and where did you arrive from? Lead us through hidden tunnels, paint portals to revelations extraordinary and mundane, beckon us beyond the next threshold to reveal the treasures that await.

Discover the winners of the Common Language Project: Passages now! 

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Writings from Turn A Phrase

Ayesha Asad

Ayesha Asad is from Dallas, Texas. Her work has been included in the 2020 Best of the Net ...
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Chris George

Chris George is the author of THE OCCULTATION (Surveyor Books). He is a writer, educator, and artist who ...
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Kim Nall

Kim Nall is a poet and educator from Dallas, Texas. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from ...
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