Writers In Neighborhoods & Schools

Writers In Neighborhoods & Schools (WINS) brings

the power of literature and the freedom of creative writing into classrooms and community organizations everywhere. These programs encourage students to discover the joy of reading and lead them in developing and using their writing skills through poems, essays, stories and more. Each program is designed with specific grade levels in mind, providing students with exciting possibilities of self expression and reflection.

*Wide variety of programs

*Taught by local writers & teaching artists

*Available for grades 3-12


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BookMarks!” was created to excite younger students to the possibilities of reading. Via activities in reading and creative writing, students gain first-hand experience working with symbols, allusions, point of view, diction, and other elements of style that make reading more than just words on a page. The material is hand selected to broaden students' understanding of the power and capabilities of language and literature.

Read Write Now” guides students to explore material in specific chapter-length books. Drawing from the themes, characters and craft of these texts, students engage in discussion and written exercises synthesizing what they've read with their personal experiences and thoughts. Intended for grades 4 and up, Read Write Now develops critical thinking skills with both classic and contemporary texts

“The Me Nobody Sees” is a multi-week residency, using writing/creative exercises as a method for self exploration and expression. Through creating writing and art pieces, students dive deep into themselves, their experiences, and imaginations. Over several weeks, they will articulate and share their ideas and work, assembling a collection of works reflecting their interior selves. Intended for upper grades, The Me Nobody Sees offers powerful lessons in reflection, editing and expression.

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