The fact is, you were, are, and always will be a Veteran. You were there, you did do that. The fact is, you have a story to tell.

The Writer's Garret is calling all Veterans to participate in our "Write to Heal" writer's workshop. These twice monthly workshops are free for all U.S. Veterans and active duty military members. Regardless of what branch you served in, which era you wore the country's cloth in, whether you saw combat or maintained the liberties of our free nation, we want to hear you sound off!

At each "Write to Heal" session you’ll be given a writing exercise that will help you tell your story. We'll provide the creative tools necessary to explore your experiences. You will be presented with various writing techniques, ranging from poetry to prose, and you will be provided positive, constructive feedback from both the instructor and your fellow Vets participating in the workshop.


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Johnny Olson was born in Chicago, Illinois on a cold November day in 1970. He found his feet and cut his teeth in the diverse, blue-collared neighborhoods of his hometown. In 1988 he was reborn in San Diego, California; where he found himself a new title: United States Marine. After surviving a brief, yet violent war (Desert Storm), he hung up his cammies and rifle to grab his pen and sketchpad instead, where he found his passion for writing and drawing. Since 1999, he has been the founder and chief editor of Mad Swirl, an arts and literature creative outlet that includes a website and a monthly open mic. Some of his creative work can be read from his poetry page: madswirl.com/author/jolson/.

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