Paul Koniecki, curiosity for the dead

thirty muted lines on fire we are
the words we choose

outsiders emerge aloud and pound
against the terrible membrane

of source details – terror light the pyre
render moonset and carve totem

admired ineffable shining present
be willing

a willingness to stretch and shift
perspective is original love

abandon fine fettle field – brook – gorge –
figure – crush the scoring organ

bound clock of drumming – clock
of shadow – clock of could i be wrong

shortsighted heart – confine your reality
and live through your myth

mystify then demystify the obscure
escape the moment  -,sustain and while

sustaining a corner of blue sky
in the window like a bruise CRY

hungry feeling come over me
reveal roy batty and the rings of saturn

glowing the way dust in space
accumulates more dust

love more love – the lake more water
in its prison cell

transformation the only proof time exists
acceptance the heretic’s first prayer

thirty lines on fire make a beautiful light

Paul Koniecki lives and writes in Dallas, Texas. His poems appear in Richard Bailey’s movie One of the Rough. His books of poetry are currently available at Kleft Jaw Press, NightBallet Press, CWP Collective Press, and Spartan Press. Reverie Koniecki and her husband Paul host Meet Me With Curiosity (a poetry experiment) at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas and aspire to attack the paradigm with a deliberate focus of radical love.

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