Olivia Hadams, When Black Magic Lives

With agony, she stumbled

Scanned the crystalline shoreline for a venture of her design

To behest her potential 

Surge her chance into Fate’s heel

Stand firm in destiny fulfilled

A dream birthed from purpose revealed

Revelation to thrive, 

Echoing voices from the afterlife

Grace placed blessings on her ancestor’s totem

Timing told them She’s the last to prevail

Filter her cadence through a humble film, Sporting a plundered grin

And it’s clear she’s trying to ascend 

Past the evil existing within

Desperately striving to rasp liberty 

When racists daub demons to melanin

Adhering sinister nature to her skin

Classify her as another fool who wasn’t afraid to dream big,

She smiles bright in spite of their doubt

Knowing she already had what she needed

In her infinite Black Magic pouch

Olivia Hadams is a 3rd generation Jamaican descendant born and raised in Dallas, TX. Her thirst for poetry fueled her passion to become President of a collegiate poetry society (as known as Brainy Acts Poetry Society) at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. Since her graduation from NSU in 2015, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, she has competed in poetry competitions such as Texas Grand Slam in 2018 and Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2020. Her ultimate goal is to encourage and heal all those who hear her poetry.