Mz. Jolie, Reclaiming my life

Only interested in scoring, you are a terror who likes to carve out holes in a woman’s self esteem.
My body remained a fine fettle as you used your sexual organ to try and crush my will.
You became remote as you muted my NO’s, as if they weren’t said, if you didn’t hear me speak them aloud.
I couldn’t escape the feeling of abandon that flowed in a brook of abundance.
You mystify me with your ability to render yourself a victim.
I am sustaining these blows but you only saw me as another casualty left on your field to wither.
You crept in like a shadow trying to obscure your identity.
I can’t believe I admired someone who quickly became the source of my pain.
I know you wish to confine me to bedsheets.
You gorge on women like me.
You’re known to stretch the details into something more suitable for you.
I guess you figure, if I am bound to you then it will be by your narrative.
But did you feel the shift?
When I opened my mouth to reveal the real you, that was the best present that I have ever given myself, Speaking up!
Now I can emerge, shining, and new.
I am more than the sum of what men like you have done to me.
I am a conqueror. A Queen.

Mz. Jolie is a local spoken word artist in the DFW area. You can find her poetry, performances and more at where you can come and lay down your burdens and pick up inspiration.

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