Mz Jolie, Goodbye


Mz Jolie

As you hear me singing, I hope you are really listening. I am sending up prayers hoping that one day my living won’t be a crime.  This Platter that I was forced to receive in life was bitter, but I am sweet. I’ve been known to turn my circumstances into miracles. And even though you only offer indifference I still serve you, smiling all the while. So as you clasp your hands in prayer, I hope you are truly Thankful. You asked me to join you, which isn’t common so I was intrigued. Once, when our lives were simple, you were tender with me. You enveloped me in your embrace, but your arms became a Stanchion, no longer a frame to support me but to restrain. Suddenly, this city became too big for the both of us to reside in so I moved out west. You couldn’t fathom why I would want to leave you. Is it Possible that you missed the signs? Before leaving I only treated you as a Bank but I couldn’t trust you. Clamor and confusion lived in disrupted harmony with me. You began to give shade the day I left your shelter. I made you a blanket before I left. I began to weave love and peace in it, but it lacked luster. I made it to keep you warm on those lonely nights now that I am gone. I wish you no harm as I scoop up my pride and self-esteem and move on with a chorus of amens from my loved ones. I wish you the best. Goodbye.

Mz Jolie has been performing poetry professionally for a year. She has an eclectic style of writing. She will be releasing her first CD, Jolieizm, later this year. You can catch her performing at The Dallas Poetry Slam every Friday at Heroes Lounge.

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