Marisa Adame, social media: a lament

agony of the echoing fool,

fulfilled only by the revelation of plundered grace.

with such crystalline cadence, you design my destiny.

you can’t stand on stumbled feet, yet you somehow thrive within the timing

of my trying to find totem within your last behest.

I spend my days hoping to defy you.

without your filter, I prevail.

my dreams become daub upon the canvas of life’s infinities.

once rid of your rasp of scanned creativity —

through which each discovery 

becomes less vivid than the last —

my clear voice has chance to thrive: 

each surge of idea a venture into a new unknown,

a proposal to ascend that which has been seen.

Marisa is a storyteller/creative from Dallas, Texas. She has acted internationally and is a two-time KCACTF Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nominee. She founded Colibrósa Productions in 2019 to house her original projects in poetry, spoken word, film, and theatre. She is preparing to release her first chapbook, reconquista, which explores heritage, time as an unwelcome capitalist construct, & mental health through the imagery of the Southwest and ghost-roots of Native American ancestry.
Her full-length manuscript of poetry, girl becomes collateral // neurotica, advanced to the semi-finalist round for The University of Notre Dame’s Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize in 2018. Marisa’s manuscript butterfly bombs, an examination of Latinidad as a first-generation-college student, was a finalist in Thoughtcrime Press’s 2017 Lorien Prize competition. She is a Contributing Poet for Mad Swirl and has been published in Crab Fat Magazine, Red Savina Review, Hold the Line, Vagabond City Lit, Open Minds Quarterly, St. Sucia zine, and more.
She seeks to create work that balances as much as it deconstructs. You can find her on Instagram or YouTube @marisaadameofficial, and on her official Facebook page. She is grateful for you and for all that you’ve come through.