lyrikal777, something

mystify then ,
emerge and render something beautiful .
escape this present
obscure conundrum .
shift .
this is not home .
bound to figure it out .
tomorrow i carve
with the details of this very thought ,
scoring karmic repercussions
with each word said or muted .
shadow my other half
and stillness a sustaining peace .
i long for source ,
like the need for a brook
in this field of life
that quenches all thirst ,
whether marked in shining grace
or heaped in terror & sorrow .
abandon the need to know .
crush the ego & confine the feelings
of not enough .
stretch the fabric of imagination ,
gorge on it’s possibilities
then reveal your fettle self .
play aloud songs of the heart organ
and leave the stain of love
to be admired .

lyrikal777 is a poet, painter, photographer, wife, mother, daughter, friend. She’s done this and did that. She’s traveled here and been there and is blessed know amazing people.

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