the agony of my clear, crystalline heart

which i daub with the echoing tears of our release

i stumbled away from our destiny

the design of my soul plundered by your behest

a revelation i reached far too late

the interminable timing of your laugh,

once a thing of grace, now a rasp

as the cadence quickens alongside my pulse

the pitch will ascend 

for the reprise

with a surge 

as i scanned the last of the shards

shattered under your heel 

i fell upon, by chance, 

a token that passed through your filter,

a declaration of tenderness and love,

a totem that you forgot to consume,

a memento of our ill-fated venture,

a blissful souvenir of what could have been,

a hopeless reminder that trying to thrive, trying to stand, believing that we will prevail

only opens the role of the fool to be fulfilled.

I am an 11th-grade student at Alcuin School. I am a person of many skills, but not very many talents. In my brief period on Earth, I have become an Eagle Scout, a Black-Belt in Taekwondo, a guitarist/vocalist, and a writer. My interests lean towards the realm of videogames, STEM, logic, and creativity, and towards solving puzzles in the broadest sense conceivable. To finish the oft-incomplete saying, I’m a “jack of all trades, master of none, but better than master of one.” I aspire to be an architect when I enter the workforce, building solutions to the problems of the world.