Katherine Baxter, And Thus, We Lived

In the midst of infinity, (was it destiny or chance?) emptiness bore its heel into itself and spoke to the void:

“A perfect world may only prevail in silence. We’ve borne nothing, yet we’ve created a crystalline empire. However, we cannot become anything more, only a clear reflection akin to a deceased heaven; echoing for eternity, with no mountain to ascend. I will die for the sake of being fulfilled for once in this unmoving realm.”

And thus, emptiness took his stand and borne agony, a creature of design devoid of grace. 

Emptiness caved in on himself and was swallowed into a sea of darkness — the first movement ever made — and ceased to exist. 

His death rang like a revelation. 

In the absence of the vacuum, he had mothered creation.

And it began!

Like a totem of ultimate sacrifice, creation began to surge through space, a daub of light that seized everything she touched. 

And she grew!
Her children scanned over eons, across the timing behest by teeming life, like a pandemic that plundered over every faint rasp of their ancestor’s legacy; feeding on the kingdom emptiness both encompassed and shattered in his wake. 

But creation was a fool; 

neglecting her older brother as he stumbled through her tresses,

staining her elegance and prosperity with a filter we named tragedy,

only trying to catch a glimpse of his father’s figure before he faded from time’s memory. 

Creation and Agony began to braid into each other like balance;

overcome with power and greed 

until they became known only as the wide force who slowly spreads the universe

and resonates within every form, dancing to a cadence that will last forever.

I am their daughter.

(was it destiny or chance?)

This is the tale of our fortune.

I’m a 16 year old girl who has a passion for creating art in all forms. I want to share my feelings, ideas, and views with everyone in a way that will reach their hearts. Our complicated emotions are what make us human; I hope to set them aflame.