Kari Lynch, Student Body

Student Body

Kari Lynch

I watch you weave disaster out of bad decisions mixed with

Good intentions

Then hear you singing the common chorus of despair

That I once knew the harmony to

Sometimes you trust with such simple naiveté

That I want to shake you by the shoulders

And tell you what is possible

But I know you will know long before the smiling stops

Maybe while stuck in this plastic chaired prison

Or amidst the luster of lacquer layered gym floors

You will consider whether living

Is/Is Not worth the trouble

But I hope that when the west wind is blowing you down

And you can’t fathom how your small frame can carry such a weight

You will clasp the nearest hand

And be thankful that you can still feel the gravity

That wiry stanchion is in your ear to keep out the city noise

But I know you are still listening

Clamor is to change as silence is to die

Join together before they separate you

If it made a difference, I would scoop you up off the floor

And receive you into these worn arms –

Give a tender word, a reassuring embrace –

But you and I both know

That the answer is D. None of the above

So eat from this platter, child, and let me serve you

You’ve been serving yourself for so long

I know you are weary and seek shelter

Rest here in the shade for a little while

You’ve been dodging bullets for longer than they know

Kari Lynch lives and teaches in North Texas.

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