James Mendur, The City Monk and the Country Monk — A Conversation in Haiku

The City Monk and the Country Monk — A Conversation in Haiku

James Mendur

Spring in the city –

Living a simple monk’s life

as it awakens

Listening to Spring –

Tender shoots trust in the warmth

of the sun’s promise

Summer harmony –

The clamor of cars, singing,

a chorus of horns

A Summer oak tree

providing shade and shelter –

The birds join in song

Autumn’s luster shines

in iron frame and stanchion –

The sun in the west

To scoop Autumn leaves,

clasp them in smiling embrace,

is to fathom joy

Once Winter arrives,

hope again seems possible,

and peace to the world

Winter’s cool approach –

To weave its blanket of snow

on a peaceful world

A fine city year

will serve a platter of hope –

and I am thankful

A fine country year

will receive all of my thanks

in common with you

James Mendur has visited and lived in a number of strange and exotic places, including Ireland, China, and Indianapolis. Although he enjoys experimenting with various poetic forms, his first published poem was a haiku and he has a particular fondness for that form. He currently lives in Denton County and does not own any cats … yet.

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