Timing or the lack there of – leading to the revelation –

“A fool and his money are soon parted” 

The agony of loss – watching markets surge, thrive, soar, to ascend forever 

Despite the inner knowledge   

Such growth could never stand – could not prevail indefinitely

The totem of prosperity now brought down, fully stumbled, under the heel of cruel destiny

Chance laughing in quiet corner, the filter of good manners and grace a thing of last season

Rough prophesy fulfilled

Hope plundered by a bat bite creating a daub of deadly mist as nature’s design is ever altered

Collective voice reduced to a rasp trying to make its cadence heard

“Adapt, endure, do not forget me”

Sound scanned for grains of good news, of fresh supplies, or just the joy of making noise

Aural waves that must now bravely venture forth 

Echoing across vast empty plazas, clear and crystalline skies, 

Scanned for a sunrise and the promise of life tomorrow. 

CJ is a life long performing artist that has appeared on and off Broadway, at the National Poetry Slam, Stage West, Dallas Theater Center, Theatre III, and PS 122 and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (in NYC). She was a staff writer and voice artist for Disney Radio, created the all chick cocktail of liquid language, The Angry Girl Sextet, is the voice of 170 audio books as an ace narrator and narration coach, and is the writer/producer of The Pollinators, the save-the-bees-save-the-world rock musical!