Alan Gann, last important thing

last important thing

Alan Gann

Cannot fathom why
the doorman does not lift this rope and let these shoes pass the stanchion.
Money is a shade that cannot buy
luster hidden behind his curtains, embrace of harmony,
or respite from city clamor—
so let them fall
and trust a once thankful earth to receive and shelter.

Singing to himself, doorman is listening to a chorus not possible
and no one is smiling.

I will weave my way west and join
heron and coyote silent beside last living river,
drink deep, release yearnings,
and grok all soon enough.

The catechism is simple—
forget how to frame the question,
understanding is a false god,
there is no common language.

Finally I’ll let the doorman scoop pennies from my eyes,
place them on a tarnished platter,
and recognize tender hands that clasp
were made to serve.

Alan Gann is the author of two volumes of poetry: That’s Entertainment (Lamar University Literary Press, 2018) and Adventures of the Clumsy Juggler (Ink Brush Press, 2014); and DaVerse Works, Big Thought’s performance poetry curriculum (2014). He supports his writing habit by facilitating after-school programming and creative writing workshops at Texans Can Academy in Oak Cliff. His non-existent spare time is spent outdoors: birding, biking, hiking, and photographing dragonflies.

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