I welcome all of you to my sumptuous feast, not everyone was invited.

I feel duty bound to warn you that some manifestations are not always what they seem.

I trust that all of your devices have been muted?

Do not speak, just nod your heads up and down and smile.

It is not my desire to render you speechless for the entire evening.

In due time we will all engage in this environment of the spoken word.

It will be a slow reveal, you must remain present, do not attempt to escape.

All of the doors have been locked, not to confine you, to infuse you.

I have created alchemy capable of sustaining your spirits during these times of monsters and the insanity of humanity.

What lies beneath this shining vintage sterling silver tray lid will soon emerge.

It was left at the babbling brook, next to the field of bluebonnets, by the cemetery.
This gift will mystify your senses forever, thus you most worship the source with absolute abandon.

I will carve the flesh and yes it might seem freaky to some in our population, but to others, the illuminated, it shall be a fettle of delicious delight.

We will all gorge on a different organ together in chaotic synchronicity.

It will be my highest scoring achievement ever!

Did you feel that shift just now?

Do not feel terror, be intrigued… relax… stretch out your bones.

Where was I? Oh yes…did you hear that?

I requested that it be served medium rare, but if it is making sounds… it might still be alive.

Perhaps it is seared on the outside, but inside, the crimson blood might be warm, circulating…

The details, about the sideways figure 8, made out of raw chocolate chip cookie dough, that was found slowly baking in the evening sun, next to the body, were obscure.

It means something, but what precisely I do not know…yet.

I shall pray aloud now.

God I believe in me and in you beyond a shadow of a doubt~

Crush all who do not.

I have long admired my version of you.

And all of my people said, “Amen.”

Valentina Saldaña is a native of Texas. She attended St. Edwards University in Austin. She is a small business owner, the author of a series of three poetry chapbooks called The Moonlight Collection, available on Amazon. She is currently querying a book of essays and is the contact person for the spoken word room at the Signature event for artists in recovery that will be hosting a celebration event in Dallas this June.

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