Ruth Woolson, For Now

For Now

Ruth Woolson

I sit alone in the shade of the willows

Thankful that it is possible to be consumed with the simple act of living,

Smiling while I view the luster toward the west

A glowing golden platter, fading in the sky beyond the city.

Once I could not fathom that its glow could weave between the tall structures.

But now, I frame the view and my imagination soars as I fade into slumber.

I clamor to my feet, as if being called to serve by a far greater power.

I am being serenaded by a choir singing softly in harmony.

They are whispering my name and inviting me to partake in the chorus.

Their gowns loom above in swaying silhouettes which obstruct their golden backdrop.

A stanchion blocks the path and holds me back, though a simple snap of its clasp would release it,

Leaving me tempted to surge ahead and join their verse, forever singing their tender melodies.

But no.  I shelter my eyes with my hand and block the setting sun.

I want to scoop the golden ball from the sky and pull it to my heart,

To swallow its glow, receive its strength and radiate its warmth.

Listening again, I hear the choir and see the swaying tendrils.

Now, the warm breeze gently lulls the willows and softly whispers its song

Strong and sturdy, yet tender in the fading light.

We are each born into the light, yet there is nothing common about it.

It will embrace our souls and bring us dreams of what will come.

But for now, I trust that I should just stand tall and grounded like the willows… for now.

Ruth Woolson was born in New Jersey but has made Denton, Texas, her home for almost 30 years. Her love for poetry began when, as a child, she read and illustrated her grandmother’s poetry journals. Her lifelong passion for poetry motivated her to try her hand at it.  She hopes to inspire her children and grandchildren to pursue their passions as well.

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