Cole Murphy, Take Shelter

Take Shelter

Cole Murphy

Take Shelter,

Join the city,

Living in fear,

Learning to embrace the stanchion of life,

Thankful for the shade,

Tender and warm,

Listening to the harmony of the chorus,

Singing the common embrace,

West of north, nothing is possible,

Fame your perspective,

Clasp your clamor,

Scoop your luster,

Serve your plater,

Join the rebellion,

Trust the common goal,

Receive and fathom this idea smiling,

Once you weave the threads of life,

It’s simple,

All is possible.

Cole Murphy is a junior at Alcuin School in Dallas, Texas, graduating in 2019. He enjoys being creative, whether by working in the theater or writing poems.  In his free time, he is fond of working with younger children in his community and helping out at school. He is currently serving as Student Council President, ending spring of 2019, previously serving two years as Student Council Event Coordinator.

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