Christopher Stephen Soden, Zombie Gospel

Zombie Gospel

Christopher Stephen Soden

Once I could never fathom living

in the city. Without simple trust, without

shelter of common harmony. There is

something about the luster of the Golden

West.  No shade, never quiet enough

to encourage listening. Just the clamor

of a cynical chorus, disguising rage

as contentment, dishing out comfort

with scoop and platter, smiling.

Is it possible to weave authentic

existence? To clasp hands and embrace

the Father of all fathers? To receive

the Sacred Mother? I frantically search for

bliss in the here and now, but cannot

frame it. I cannot pretend I am thankful

for my stanchion. I serve and bend

my sorry neck in splash and chaos

of the shower, crafting an aria

to the tender endlessness of nothing

and nothing and more nothing still.

Come join my ridiculous singing.


Christopher Stephen Soden writes poetry, plays, literary, film and theatre critique for, EdgeDallas, and John Garcia’s The Column. Christopher’s poetry collection, Closer, was released by Rebel Satori Press in 2011. Other honors include: Distinguished Poets of Dallas, Poetry Society of America’s Poetry in Motion Series, Founding Member, President, and President Emeritus of The Dallas Poets Community. His work has appeared in Rattle, G & L Review, and others.

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