Is it worth the agony, 

Just to have a chance to ascend 

Above the echoing throng?

Listen to the clear behest of your destiny,

And surge ahead, unafraid, fulfilled,

Dancing to the cadence of grace.

The truth is your totem, your filter, 

Even though it is plundered by the fool

Who stumbled across it,

His rasp a foil to your crystalline calling.

Remember when you scanned the horizon,

Searching for revelation,

Trying to stand tall when life beat you down?

The sun threw the clouds into fire,

The design displayed magnificently across the sky, 

Calling you to thrive,

The heel that trod hard lifted,

Perfect timing, perfect love, at last.

And then you were willing to venture it all to prevail,

To daub the dappled sand of the earth

With your light. 

I am from Cape Town, South Africa, and have lived in Dallas for the last 20 years. I am an English teacher at Dallas International School.