Sallie Crotty

Since Sallie moved to Seattle, I interviewed her by email.  I sent her a few questions and she returned with answers. I first met Sallie when she participated in a Mayborn Prep class that Bill Marvel and I taught.  Sallie is lovely and bright and deep and insightful. Qualities I treasure in a writer. How…
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Drema Hall Berkheimer

This is a shout out to any of you who write, maybe a little, scribbling in a notebook or you tap out some thoughts on your screen.  You have a secret hope of producing a book or publishing short stories. Maybe you think you are too old, spent too much time on the rest of…
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Robin Underdahl

Robin Underdahl is coauthor with Anshel Brusilow of Shoot the Conductor: Too Close to Monteux, Szell, and Ormandy (UNT Press, 2015), whichreceived first place in the 2015 INDIEFAB book prizes (Music and Performing Arts) and in the 2014 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Contest (book manuscripts). Her fiction and memoir has appeared in Notre Dame Review, Columbia, Coachella Review Upstreet, and other journals. Her novel The…
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Bill Marvel

Bill Marvel is a lifelong journalist and writer, starting at the Rocky Mountain News in 1961; The National Observer, where he was art critic and senior arts editor from 1969 to 1977; and The Dallas Times Herald and The Dallas Morning News, where he was senior feature writer, until 2008.  His freelance work has appeared in…
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Kathleen Rodgers

I settle into reading the menu at the Main Street Bakery in Grapevine waiting for Kathleen Rodgers.  She enters the cozy lit bistro, all energy and enthusiasm. We smile and hug, glad to see each other. The last time we met here was to plan our tribute/memorial service for a mutual dear friend, Drema Berkheimer who passed…
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