Small Wonders (4)

Introducing Small Wonders, a family friendly online art and writing project involving a live weekly Zoom chat, as well as on-going activities via social media. Participation is free (signup is required to participate in the Zoom chat) and open to anyone, ages 5 to 105, from curious dabblers to veteran writers. 

Small Wonders is a new project, and everyone is invited to help create it! While social distancing may keep us in our homes, we’re not trapped as long as we have imagination and each other. Let’s use writing and conversation to transform the ordinary objects around us into magical doorways, to enter the greater world or create whole new worlds! The project will take place online across a variety of platforms and be led by Lisa Huffaker, a poet, musician, and artist whose work investigates the overlap and harmonic relationship between things-in-the-world and the meanings we give them. Anyone may participate, free of charge, and all are welcome. Let’s inspire, share, and document our extraordinary experience of ordinary things.

To get a head start, check out the inspiring project at Significant Objects | …and how they got that way, and start paying extra attention to ordinary things around your home. What if each object is a portal? Where will we go?


Lisa Huffaker writes poetry and essays, sings with the Dallas Opera, and makes art. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in 32 Poems, Spillway, Southwest ReviewThe BoilerAble MuseSouthern Humanities Review, and elsewhere. In her micropublishing project White Rock Zine Machine, she transforms vending machines into sculptures offering tiny books of art and writing. Her work as a teaching artist through the Writer’s Garret has been recognized with a “Best of Dallas” award, and made her a frequent visiting artist at the Nasher Sculpture Center, where she combines art and writing in regular workshops. She was recently C3 Visiting Artist at the Dallas Museum of Art, where her installation, Sound/re:Vision, invited visitors to interact with a music box Zine Machine, compose their own chance music, and create zines inspired by a playlist ranging from opera to gamelan. For her latest installation, Code Room at Ro2 Art, she transformed a space under the stairs, covering every surface with asemic symbols, and suspending eyes in magnifying lenses; visitors may enter, operate a vending machine as a sort of oracle, and receive zines exploring “code.”

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