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The Writer's Garret celebrates its 25th anniverary


Twenty Five Years Of History

From kitchen table concept to award-winning programs

Twenty-five years ago, The Writer's Garret incorporated to become the first literary center in the North Texas region. With a mission to develop the local literary community, and connect writers and readers with each other, the young organization grabbed Dallas's attention and made headlines. In the quarter of a century since its founding, The Garret has connected over 2 million readers and audience members with thousands of writers.

Anniversary Celebration Events

From The Writer's Desk Panel & Discussion

One of the most popular and notable programs in the history of The Writer's Garret was the Writers Studio, a series of recorded interviews with writers of national and international renown, episodes of which are still accessible for free at PRX. In the spirit of the Writers Studio, From The Writer's Desk invites 3 Dallas-based authors with national acclaim to sit down and talk about their process.

Thursday | October 22nd, 2020
Free | 7pm
The Common Language Project: Fortune Reading

The Common Language Project was born of a desire to bring the many members of the North Texas poetry community into conversation with each other, and to expose the broader public to a rich facet of the literary landscape of the city. Named after and inspired by “The Dream of a Common Language” by Adrienne Rich, the project seeks to increase the collective sense of community between individual poets and poetry groups, and to invite the larger civic community to re-examine the possibility of poetry in their lives.

Friday | October 23rd, 2020
Free | 7pm
The Quarter Century Club Book Signing Event

Our supporters are the most important people to come through our door, virtually and in real life. That's why we created the Quarter Century Club: to recognized and honor the individuals who've helped us through our first 25 years, and who set us up for success in the next 25. We're hosting a special book signing event where members can sign their commemorative book, snap a picture with the Quarter Century bookcase, and pick up their exclusive tote with The Writer's Garret logo.

Saturday | October 24th, 2020
By appointment

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Our Programs

From second-graders to slam poets, from teens to retired businesswomen, The Writer's Garret connects people from all walks of life. With an array of classes, workshops, and events throughout the year, there's something for you.

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"[The Garret provided]...a place for me to grow as a writer, as a student, as an instructor. A place I formed deep friendships with others who actually cared about sentence structure and plot development and narrative arc."

Juli McCullagh, Mayborn winner & member of the Board of Trustees

Although it may not be familiar to every citizen, the story of The Writer's Garret is the story of Dallas' emergence as a literary city. It's the story of underserved children acquiring new tools of self-expression — not to mention self-awareness and self-discipline — thanks to the generosity of the organization's teaching artists. It's the story of readers discovering great contemporary literature because the Garret has opened a space where visiting authors can connect with local audiences. And it's the story of a group of diverse yet like-minded artists discovering community in their capacity to listen to one another, validate each other's experiences, and amplify each other's voices. All of which is to say that the story of The Writer's Garret is our story, provided we're willing to immerse ourselves in it.

Joe Milazzo, former Director of Community Education & Outreach at The Writer's Garret

"I could speak for days about all the good things I've seen The Writer's Garret bring to this city... Over the years I've been involved in this organization, I've seen its crucial role - not only in making Dallas a literary city, but offering its citizens approachable, inspiring opportunities to discover how reading and writing can expand our lives and help us build a shared life."

Lisa Huffaker, local poet & artist

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