dance with life

Valentina R.N. Cochran

~the kaleidoscope of my beloved city stuns my senses~

~beautiful symmetrical forms adorn her skyline~

~her luster takes my breath far away~

~it invokes a primeval feeling i fathom with complete delight~

~my community is a chorus of open hearts~

~there is no stanchion on guard to divide us~

~everyone is invited to gather under the majestic frame of peace~

~singing souls are smiling as they weave in harmony~

~our shelter is a multifaceted culture of hope~

~all are encouraged to scoop from the platter of dreams~

~children women men reach with outstretched hands~

~they trust that the soul in each of us will spring its clasp~

~so that we may all join together to dance with life~

~we embrace each other while we give serve and receive~

~how is this way of living even possible~

~once we stopped listening to the clamor of chaos~

~when we chose to become one spirit~

~we grasped the knowledge of how to experience ecstasy on earth~

~the secret was so simple~

~we discovered the beauty compassion and power of acceptance~

~ it was in that awakening we knew our universe was in bliss~

~we heard her sigh~

~her people were freed finally transcended~

~every evening as the sun sets in the west~

~if i pause long enough to rest in the shade~

~i am reminded that history has brought us back before~

~ i am grateful for sweet surrenders and tender mercies~

~ but most especially i am thankful for the common language of love in the human race~

Valentina R.N. Cochran has been writing since elementary school. She used to have her own column in the local town paper her senior year of high school. She attended St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. She began writing full time a year ago, is writing her first book of poetry, and would like to write a one woman show and return to her acting roots someday.

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