Morning Journey

Trish Callahan

I enjoy city living,

the clamor of trucks

chugging their way up thirty-five.

Thankful to receive their grace,

I scoop up the space

they leave for stopping,

shelter in their shade

from the blinding west light,

reflected in the luster

of downtown’s embrace.

Singing from the radio

and a chorus of rumbling engines

frame possible routes

that will shave minutes off my trip.

Listening distractedly, I trust in Google

and weave a simple path

around stanchions and potholes.

There is a harmony in our common plight

as I join the morning journey.

We are like tender children,

smiling as we wait our turn

to move five miles, two feet, three inches

closer to a destination only we can fathom.

Each in our own car, dreaming our own dreams,

We serve our gifts on society’s platter,

clasp what we can in tight fists to take home

once the day is over,

and begin the journey anew tomorrow.

Trish Callahan is a poet and writer residing in Dallas County.

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