City of Light

Trevor Cook

Once there was a city down west

The people living within a frame

And held in place by a stanchion

Listening to a tender voice preach what is best

The chorus begins singing in harmony as they embrace their shame

The people join together and weave themselves a bastion

They embrace each other, smiling but with no trust

The luster of the common, the people readily receive

I wonder, can none among them fathom uncommon appeal?

Is it possible to serve the people an escape from their shelter?

A simple scoop served on a platter and they will clamor in reprieve

Offer the oddity of shade, a place to feel

They clasp to their blinding oblivion without falter

None thankful for darkness nor dust

Trevor Cook is a junior in high school at Alcuin School. When he’s not doing homework, he is either playing the guitar, listening to rock and roll, writing music, or playing video games. Music is his main creative outlet, which does involve writing lyrics.

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