It was clear to me I was in agony as my screams shook the sky.

His arrival was great but my timing was late and as a fool I stood wondering why.

His behest was fast, the echoing torment was rasp and my destiny was now fulfilled.

The revelation was swift but His grace a gift if only I accepted the truth and lived.

My excuses wouldn’t prevail and my trying a fail as my soul continued to cry. 

I stumbled from grace, left my soul at stake and didn’t know that day I would die.

His Eyes scanned the earth looking for the worth in man He would call to ascend.

My ears were the filter to receive and decipher the truth from a life of sin.

The design of life is to stand and thrive as a totem while we exist.

Until from head to heel we lay crystalline in fields and our time is turned to mist.

If I could get back what I plundered I would save the world from the hunter of men and eternity in hell.

But that prayer has past and I’m left at last with the memories in this fiery cell.

His cadence finally came and my venture in vain as chance ran out of days.

Now I daub my face in great disgrace as the surge of flames announce my shame.

This local long time Writer / Poet has performed in several venues in the Dallas area and is known for his inspirational messages. He was a member of the music group “ALTAR”, that went on to produce an album titled “At Last”. He Started an international men’s call in 2016, to build up and encourage men worldwide. Sir Lawrence is Currently working on his Poetry Album, ” Take Me Away” set to release later this year. This man of Faith believes we are all here to change the world by not just making a difference but by being the difference.