In AGONY she STUMBLED into another horrendous VENTURE.

Was it CHANCE,


Was it by devious DESIGN,

Would it be, could it be a REVELATION?


Must make this STAND,

Maybe this time a possibility to THRIVE,

To ASCEND the obstacle that PLUNDERED all confidence

And FULFILLED the expectation of a FOOL.

A LAST SURGE, a HEEL dug in,

The irregular CADENCE set at the BEHEST of her unreliable TOTEM.

She SCANNED for options but no FILTER could CLEAR the rampant ECHOING of repeated failure,

The RASP of unfortunate TIMING continuing to DAUB her memories. 

She has no CRYSTALLINE answer, 

Only a hope for GRACE in a life of TRYING.

Sherry is a retired award-winning filmmaker and active writer and artist. She had both her knees replaced in 2015. She is married to David Holt and is a doting mother to furbabies Chloe dog and Jasper and Woodrow kitties.