Clint De Camp, Journey

It’s the agony of this venture,

I’m trying to ascend.

Behest, the totems call.

Love’s cadence has perfect timing.

One more chance to thrive.

So clear my urge to surge.

Crystalline path, still I stumbled.

Daub in blood, still I stand.

Change design, mistakes scanned.

Is destiny my revelation?

My work echoing under rasp?

No filter can make prevail pretty.

Like any fool I’ve plundered.

Fulfilled only by my grace.

Head to heel, from first thought,

To my last step.

I’m a 44 poet from the Pacific Northwest, that now resides in Hurst Texas. I’ve recently rediscovered my pen. Divorce is tough. It’s been a great source of healing for me over the years. And these days it’s so easy to share. I have a modest following on my writing blog and Instagram where I go by the handle decamp.words.